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IAS : Household Moving

Like we always say, shipping is not just dealing with automobiles and related stuff, there is more to look forward. With the integration of technology and latest tools and techniques, now household stuff can also be moved from one place to other without any damage. And International Auto Shipping has already taken the initiative to provide you with the world best household moving services.

The initiative has been taken in the form of Rinkens International. It is our Sister Company. Rinkens deals in moving your household goods and items to anywhere in the world. For a big amount of time, Rinkens has been offering household moving services and is well renowned as a salient leading household stuff mover in the shipping world.

The crew members, at Rinkens, are not only professionals, but they also carry years of experience with them. Household goods need extra care and attention as they are most often daily needs of the family. However, impressive use of technology and experienced hands of Rinkens know very well what they need to do and how. Handling of household items while keeping their shape, size, weight, etc. in mind is not a new thing of Rinkens as they have been doing the same for years. And they do it right from processing to the unloading of your items.

The door-to-door service, available with Rinkens, also makes them stand first among their competitors. Rinkens know what they are doing, and they take pride of it. Their philosophy that no job is big or small clearly indicates that why Rinkens has got so many repeat clients with it.

Besides all, when fair rates of ocean freight of International Auto Shipping get mixed with the class-apart expertise of Rinkens then, nothing else can beat the household moving services by Rinkens. So, if you ever feel the need of moving your household items for a reason or other, do contact us. We will make it pain-free for you.

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